Opening Remarks

And so it begins, my first foray into the blogging world. Hungover, uninspired and hindered by the constraints of the 1800 to 0230 lifestyle, most of these posts will have little, if any great literary merit. In fact, most won’t even have a point. But if one is to learn anything, one must practice. Since I seem to be one, I guess that means I have to keep writing. And writing.

And maybe do a bit of writing if there’s time.

I guess I’ll leave it at that. Not a very wordy first entry, like the unlucky man’s wand dipped in sugar, short and sweet. For now I’ll get back behind the bar and serve some more of that fully unleaded for the brain.

It's here!

The Blue Ridge Project: A Novel

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The Blue Ridge Project

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About Neil

Neil Rochford is a writer from Ireland and has lived in various places around the world. He loves fiction where bad things happen, is trying to feed himself with his words and he is available for freelance writing gigs and wakes. His book, The Blue Ridge Project, is available NOW on Amazon.