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I’ve taken a leap that many people have made, and many more would like to make. As of the end of last month, I am no longer gainfully employed by someone else. I have struck out on the freelance trail, looking for new things in life, my white SEO hat on my head, a bag full of dreams and a pocket full of savings. Actually, full is a loose interpretation of the situation, but how and ever…

All this “free” time I now apparently have will be put to good use. In between hustling on the corners of freelance websites and panhandling down on the docks of Craigslist, I’ll be making an effort to have more content here, and more often. Apart from my own waffling, I’ll be featuring other bloggers, writers, authors, and whoever else agreed to pay the ransom and get their loved ones back. I’ve already been in touch with a few, and they seem down to clown here on my bit of internet real estate.

On top of that, my book is making its way through surgery. I was worried for a while, as it seemed like it could have been damaged beyond repair at one point. Thankfully, with a little professional guidance and some reworking, I can now concentrate on making it a reality.

What I’ll need from you lovely people is your support. Sharing posts, commenting, liking and clicking are some low-intensity activities you can participate in. It’s good for your skin, so they say, especially the bits between your toes that everyone forgets about.

Here’s to a new chapter, in a new book, in a new style. I’m not nervous, but I think that’s because I’m expecting to wake up tomorrow and go back to work. I’m sure as soon as it sinks in I’ll have a proper breakdown, screaming my pants brown. I’m glad that you’ll be here with me as I do it. You can wear gloves, I won’t mind.

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