Those Conspiracy Guys

Ever feel like things don’t quite add up? That the information you’re getting might have been cooked a little before it got to you? Well, you’re not crazy (probably), just observant.

My good friends over at Those Conspiracy Guys have managed to make it onto iTunes New & Noteworthy with their fantastic podcast. They discuss all manner of conspiracies, old and new, far-fetched and scarily feasible alike, in a highly entertaining way. As in they’re funny as fuck.

Check out the website above, and also the podcast which you can subscribe to here

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The Blue Ridge Project: A Novel

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The Blue Ridge Project

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About Neil

Neil Rochford is a writer from Ireland and has lived in various places around the world. He loves fiction where bad things happen, is trying to feed himself with his words and he is available for freelance writing gigs and wakes. His book, The Blue Ridge Project, is available NOW on Amazon.