Junk Poetry 5 – Five Finger Discount

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Junk junk junk. We all accumulate it in one way or another, either in hard copy, digital or in your head. The good people who are behind junk emails such as the one I found this material in only want the best for you and your penis. Why else would they offer not only all natural pills to gild your girth, but sneak in some beautiful poetry as well?

Disclaimer: Popping penis pills plus perusing poetry proposes painless power, purportedly.


Figures out to mortal remains, adoption,

Especially helpful in lessening the dirt floor.

Foundries in sweeping swags of shorts.

Donations have enough space, here the instrument results.

Reasonable response, “There will poles,” gripping with.

Airports with online browser based coffins was escalando.

LCD and Cobra roadsters were far.

Hendersons waiting for, automatically be. Simply,

the Jordans’ services and JK impact.

Kalila, the duty to brick,

McDonalds prices keep him selznick.

Birds, the tubebear profile, on developments in flashes.

Metabolic tasks, that stack of popsicle sticks

Gaining body, wall at sandblasting.

Windjammers stop, in burnt coat before, if intact.

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