Junk Poetry the Third: Hard Junk, With A Vengeance

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I’ve been whittling away at my novel for the last few weeks, so all my creative juices have been pouring into one cup, leaving this blog all dusty and dry. To keep things somewhat supple and moist, here’s another cracking bit of poésie from piled up junk email. The ones telling me how many women would be interested if I just signed over all my credit card details for some crushed up cricket powder.

If you missed the first two installments, you can find them here and here.

Disclaimer: These poems are to be read under the supervision of someone who claims to be a medical professional but is in fact peddling ‘snake oil’.

Dinner was watching her head.

Unsure what we let hand.

Please, Matty is, what else?

Get into trouble to sleep.

Pastor mark had told him, “Want.”

Good night, Matty is has been.

Even so, why not on some? Time.

Want my hands and your money.

Married, to talk about this morning, Beth.

Matty is alone in today.

“Yeah, well, you said…”, trying.


Beth climbed onto her to sleep

Such as, well, you, my sister.

Biting her feet and yet, another.

Cass is Beth, picked up his brother.

Besides his sister in front door.

“Please, Matty is looking as good!”

Came to water onto his hat, back.

Carter, and tell you talking to watch.

“Come on, them both women in trouble,”

Pastor Mark said, folding her into…

“Stop her mind right here,”

Jerry said, hoping to leave

Homegrown dandelions by her every word.

Beth looked at each other side.

Very nice, of what he stopped.

Instead she caught his hat on Sylvia.

“Have any better? Get together.”

Carrier on some other way. Things.

Psalm: Homegrown Dandelions by Judith Bronte.

Carter was told “You can handle this!”

Either way, at least he wanted.

Standing by Judith Bronte, Chapter Twenty Four.

Sleep in name, only to tell.

Bailey was saying we need some other.

“Psalm: Homegrown Dandelions by Beth,”

Ethan said turning the next morning.

“Well, you both know how long… Look!”

Does she? Told us alone.

Chapter twenty four years old, pickup.

Lott to meet the nursery.

Despite the house for everyone else.

Does it out the moment, Matt?

Even Ethan? We got inside Matt.

Difference between Matt that

Cares about Beth, just told them.

None of time, she kept him alone.

Never would make any better than that.

Everything was, saying we were talking about.

Matt struggled, not yet another.

Turning to make sure of water.

Come, to feel, it looked more.

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