Junk Poetry 2: The Biggening

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Here is another installment of Junk Poetry. If you didn’t catch the first one you can find it here.

Buried in weekly emails promising to improve my girth and the general satisfaction of all females within a 2 foot radius, lies some of the best lines of verse to be found in a junk email folder. The most likely explanation is a bot that captures lines of text from various sources and hides it in tiny white text interspersed with ads for herbal enlargement pills to try and beat the spam filters, but I like to imagine somebody sitting at their desk with a quill and inkwell, penning these gems onto a parchment made from the finest velvety deer foreskin.

Once again, the text is as it was sent to me. The only alterations are in meter, punctuation and the removal of the advertisements. If you want to know how “Herbal Pills Can Beef Up Your Size For The Paltry Sum Of All The Money In Your Bank Account Every Month Forever Until You Die”, you can go to the website yourself.

Disclaimer: Consult your English professor before reading these poems.

Inquired, Adam said Jerome went away.
Also, make me when, Jerome?
Well Chuck, surprised to meet you. Understand!
Said, placing his hands with
Everything. Will you? Two days before
Dear God, he did Adam.
Suddenly remembering the kitchen table.
Maybe you remember how long, and thought
May not depart from twin Yucca
Early. In fact, that for they
Smiled, in another to stay.
Maybe we found the Great Grandpap.
“Arms,” as though his attention,
“David!” and again she smiled.
Trappers, had he leaned forward as much.
Snow fell into his shoulder.
“Please Pa,” said Emma, smiled when Josiah?
What you can git to say anything.
Leaning forward to give their home.

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