Interview with a Writer: Jonathan Turner

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Here is another instalment of Interview with a Writer. It’s where I reached out to some authors and asked them some questions. One of those questions was “would you like to be on Interview with a Writer?” See if you can guess what they said…

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Today’s answers come from Jonathan Turner, author of The Herd.

NR: Did you ever get scammed or take scam jobs starting out as a writer? Photo credit - noodlepie
JT: I’ve only just turned 22 years old, so thankfully I haven’t had such an experience! I write for myself as a recreation, I enjoy formulating stories and then expressing what happens. Photo credit - Celeste
NR: How many times did you want to pack it in, and what was/were the last straw(s)?
JT: Never, and I probably never will either. Sure, I have breaks with writing, maybe a day or two but ultimately, I always come back for more. Photo credit - Jonathan Cohen
NR: What do you do (or have you done in the past) to get yourself out of a slump, whether it's because of a dry spell for writing, a dip in sales, or an emotional slump related to both?
JT: Relax, and just remember what you are trying to convey. I have a strong passion for the projects I’m working on. Of course, there can be doubts but then I’ll read a section or chapter and think ‘Damn, this would be a crime if I didn’t finish writing this!’ Photo credit: Null Value
NR: How long before you started making a name (and a decent living) for yourself as a writer? If you write full-time, when did you make the leap?
JT: I’m still awaiting publication, however once that happens I may be able to answer your question (smiley face) Photo credit - Times Up Linz
NR: What would you have done differently in your formative years as a writer?
JT: Possibly read more, although I’m making up for lost time now! Photo credit - Claude Yolande
NR: Looking back now, what was the worst part of your writing life that you laugh about today? Are there still some things that make you cringe just thinking about them?
JT: Let’s just say I’ve written a few chapters after a couple of whiskeys that didn’t sound half as good as when they were written! Photo credit: ozjimbob

Jonathan Turner is a 22 year old writer from Kent (The Garden of England). He has written his first debut novel ‘The Herd’ and is currently 200 pages into his second novel, title as of yet has not been confirmed.

Thanks a lot to Jonathan for taking the time to share a little and telling the police it’s OK, they don’t have to come over… You can check out other Interviews with a Writer here.

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