It’s Really Happening

I’m not going to lie, I thought this would have happened a lot sooner. Anxiety about looking like a loudmouth prick with nothing to back it up kept me from doing much, but I’m crawling towards a final release date as the book enters the beta reading stage before publication. Goddamn, son, it’s happening! Year and a half in the making! I just hope that the quality reflects the length of time between first draft and final, most of which was spent silently refreshing my email inbox to see if my editor had finally gotten around to finishing it.

In the meantime, I’ve kept myself busy, taking care of my altruistic needs by writing petitions, having good investigative fun over at and researching every little shitty thing I have to do as a self-publisher. All the while running around the Basque country spreading the English language and living on cans of tuna. High protein low calorie kid, can’t go wrong until the cats start climbing up the drainpipes because of the smell.

It’s a little difficult being so out of the loop on everything though. I feel dirty using Facebook, even though it’s now a necessary evil, so I just try to keep it to a minimum of births, marriages, deaths and birthdays. And the occasional funny picture or video, but that doesn’t count. Does it? What I’d really love is to get back to real life, face to face stuff, which hopefully I can do this summer. With a book in my hand that has my name on the cover and a big wad of cash sticking out of my jocks. I’ll take the shitty weather over trying to muddle my way through mangled Spanish and shite English. We’ll see about the price of things, though. I mean, two mini-sandwiches and three beers for a fiver? There’s something terribly wrong there when you can’t get one of those things for that price at home…

So stay tuned, a release date should be coming this week. Clear out your calendars, smash the child’s piggy bank and get 2.99 together, and I’ll see you all shortly on Amazon.

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It's here!

The Blue Ridge Project: A Novel

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The Blue Ridge Project

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Neil Rochford is a writer from Ireland and has lived in various places around the world. He loves fiction where bad things happen, is trying to feed himself with his words and he is available for freelance writing gigs and wakes. His book, The Blue Ridge Project, is available NOW on Amazon.